Gum Disease Treatment

Bleeding when you brush, swelling and tenderness – these can all be signs that you have periodontitis or gum disease. Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss, and it has been linked to many serious health conditions – including increased risk of heart attack, problematic pregnancy and diabetes. Utilizing the LightWalker laser, Dr. Bolamperti is able to treat the disease with the most minimally invasive techniques.

Who’s at risk?

Who’s at risk? People who don’t see their dentist on a routine bases, who have poor dental hygiene or who eat a poor diet. Certain medicines and medical conditions can increase the chances as well. Depending on the severity, Dr. Bolamperti may recommend different treatments. The good news is that gum disease is preventable – and if it does develop, it’s treatable.

At-Home Hygiene

Prevention is key! Sticking to a good at-home oral hygiene routine is vital to the longevity of natural teeth, as well as dental restoration. We recommend brushing a minimum of three times daily and flossing at least once a day. There are various techniques. The best one depends on the size and shape of your teeth. Omaha Laser Dentistry can explain the method that’s best for you.

Cleaning and Plaque Removal

In addition to your at-home routine, it is important to visit Omaha Laser Dentistry for regular dental appointments. Professional teeth cleaning by a hygienist will remove any lingering plaque or tartar from hard-to-reach places you may have missed with your toothbrush. During this appointment, we will also check for any signs of decay or disease, and discuss any concerns you may have.

Deep Cleaning, Scaling and Planing

If the plaque has built up and hardened into tartar under the gums, you’ll need to have a deep cleaning. As Omaha’s most experienced laser dentist, Dr. Bolamperti makes optimum use of the unique laser-tissue interaction characteristics of the dual-wavelength LightWalker® laser to dramatically improve the outcomes of these laser-assisted treatments. For example: Nd:YAG provides coagulation and deep disinfection, while Er:YAG efficiently and gently removes infected scaling and roughness on the tooth and root to allow gum tissue to heal. Cooling laser treatments can also aid in your recovery.

Grafts, Surgery and Regeneration

When gum disease has resulted in serious damage to tissue, teeth and bone, more serious procedures and surgery is recommended. Dr. Bolamperti’s expertise and experience using dental lasers is critical, allowing even serious surgical procedures to be performed in office – more effectively, more efficiently and often without anesthetic.

Our Other Services

Exams and Cleanings

In addition to adopting habits like eating right, brushing and flossing, scheduling dental exams and cleanings with Omaha Laser Dentistry are the most important ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong.

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Smile Design

A person’s smile is one of the first things people notice. With smile design from Omaha Laser Dentistry, you’re able to have the smile you want to feel more healthy and confident.

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Restorations – Fillings, Crowns and Bridges

Fllings, crowns and other tooth restorations have come a long way in the repair of teeth from wear, decay, infection, injury or other damage.

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Root Canal Therapy

Say the words, “root canal,” and there’s a perception of pain. So, it may surprise you to learn that our patients at Omaha Laser Dentistry often tell us they don’t know what they were worried about. And for good reason.

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Dental Implants

Omaha Laser Dentistry provides complete dental implant treatment and care. In fact, it’s one of Dr. Tony Bolamperti’s specialty areas, aided greatly by his laser technique.

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Oral Surgery

Dr. Tony Bolamperti has extensive experience and specialized board certifications to perform most oral surgeries in office. The use of both traditional and laser techniques often helps reduce healing times while eliminating the need for anesthesia.

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Solea Sleep for Snoring

Dr. Tony Bolamperti has been very successful in the use of the NightLase® laser to do what CPAP and other sleep appliances have not been able to do for patients.

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If you’ve been told your child needs a frenectomy, Dr. Bolamperti has the expertise to perform this procedure using the Solea laser and a topical anesthetic (or just a little local anesthetic) – rather than a scalpel or scissors.

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