Like Nothing You’ve Ever Experienced Before.

Right from the start, you’ll see there’s a difference in your care here at Omaha Laser Dentistry. That’s because we focus on providing you with a more personalized experience – greeting you by name, taking the time to talk and listen to you, incorporating what you say into the care you receive.

Just Like Family

Our staff is small and close-knit. We consider our patients part of our family, too. We’re also very good at what we do. That’s why many of our patients bring their entire family here for dental care – including young children, teens, adults and older adults.

Expert Dental Care

At Omaha Laser Dentistry, we offer a full range of services from teeth cleaning and oral exams to cosmetic procedures and even oral surgery. As our name says, we’re also the leader in providing laser dentistry. That means using the latest technology to make even the most advanced dental care easier on the patient, with fewer treatments, no additional trips to a different specialist, greater comfort during the procedure and faster healing times.

Why Go Anywhere Else?

Once you start coming to Omaha Laser Dentistry, you’ll never want to go anywhere else. Just ask our current patients.

My 6-year-old and 11-year-old both had fillings done the same day with Dr. Bolamperti using his laser. We were in and out in no time and my kids had no shots, no numbing and didn’t feel a thing. Best dental experience ever!

Mary M.

Best dentist ever! Newest and safest technology, pain-free and trustworthy. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Bolamperti and his staff.

Jay M.

The laser treatment was awesome! For someone who was terrified of the dentist as a child, it was like a 360′ change of experience with Dr. Bolamperti. To have my cavity treated with a couple of painless pops and taps without any shots or numbing was incredible. I recommend this treatment to everyone!

Frances B.

Dr. Bolamperti, Jennifer, Carrie, Jami, and Jianna- Thank you for the professional service you have always provided for me. Although a dental appointment can be stressful and challenging at times, your expertise and compassion are always present. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

Deloss S.

Dr. Bolamperti provides innovative dentistry and is the only office in Omaha with their laser technology and expertise.

Naina S.

Dr. Bolamperti – Thank you for my all of my beautiful new teeth. My lucky day was when I found your care and expertise. I cannot thank you all enough!

Mary G.

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Your First Visit

Welcome to a new experience in dental health at Omaha Laser Dentistry.  From the start, Dr. Bolamperti will want to get to know you as a person…and a patient. He’ll talk with you about your lifestyle, your interests and your family. You’ll also have the opportunity to go over any questions or concerns you might have, review your dental and medical history,  and prioritize long-term goals for your overall health.

Once you’re comfortable, he’ll perform the initial exam himself – taking care to examine your entire mouth, using his intraoral camera and digital X-rays, and perform an oral cancer screening. He will thoroughly explain his examination with you. If time permits, a dental cleaning will also be performed.

Because it is critical to establish the  importance of your dental health, Dr. Bolamperti may use this first visit simply to identify, discuss and educate his clinical findings. This one-on-one time is what makes the experience at Omaha Laser Dentistry so unique. There’s no rushing when it comes to your health!

And because we specialize in all aspects of dentistry, you can always feel confident that you’ll receive expert care from the people who know you best.

New Patient Forms

To make the process even smoother, feel free to download and complete our new patient forms ahead of time. This will help you save time at your first visit – so you can enjoy our spectacular fish tank when you check in!

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We look forward to having you here, whether you’re a first-time patient or you already know us.

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