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A Lifetime of Care, All in One Place.

Whether you?ve never had a single cavity or you feel like your dentist?s office is your second home ? you?ll be glad you found Omaha Laser Dentistry. We?re nothing like the typical trip to the dentist. And because we offer all the services, treatments and even complex care you need, you can count on us to deliver a lifetime of dental care, for everyone in your family, all in one place.

Healthy Smiles At Every Age

With Dr. Bolamperti?s decades of experience and expertise, you can trust Omaha Laser Dentistry to help you and your entire family achieve and maintain optimum dental health. Our highly educated team places special emphasis on prevention through patient education. Whether it?s teaching young children how to brush and floss their teeth, to educating adults on the importance of routine visits and exams, we make sure all our patients have a better understanding, appreciation and experience going to the dentist ? at every age.

Advanced Laser Capabilities

Leading Omaha?s most advanced laser dental practice, Dr. Bolamperti employs the most innovative technologies, as well as traditional dental practices, to provide the most precise, comfortable and efficient care to patients. Investing in advanced dental lasers, such as the Solea? and LightWalker?, produces a high degree of precision, often eliminating the need for drilling, needles and anxiety, while promoting healing.

In addition to performing periodontal treatments, oral surgery, crown restorations and other procedures with dental lasers, we may also use lasers to complement traditional dental methods, for things like soothing and healing gums following a tooth extraction for faster healing.

Beyond Traditional Dentistry

Omaha Laser Dentistry uses only the highest quality materials and the latest advances in dental technology and techniques for all the services we provide, resulting in top-of the-line comfort and care.

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We look forward to having you here, whether you?re a first-time patient or you already know us.

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