Dental Implants

Dental implants continue to grow in preference for those who lose teeth as the result of injury, disease or decay. That’s because, implants function as close to your natural teeth as possible when they’re doing all the things you need them to do – like eating and speaking. And when it comes to comfort and appearance, dental implants can actually seem like an improvement.

That’s why Omaha Laser Dentistry provides complete dental implant treatment and care – right here in just a few visits in the office. In fact, it’s one of Dr. Tony Bolamperti’s specialty areas, aided greatly by his laser technique.

How Does It Work?

Unlike dentures and bridges, dental implants are permanent and even have all the parts you think of with your own teeth. A titanium post is placed into the bone socket of your missing tooth to act as a root. As the bone grows around the tooth it secures to the jaw. Then a small connector post is secured to the post and used to attach the new tooth, which is called a crown.

Do They Look Natural?

The crowns of your new implants are made from a model of your bite that Dr. Bolamperti creates by making an impression of your teeth. So, Your implant will fit perfectly – enhancing your natural smile.

How Long Does It Take?

Because dental implants replace your natural teeth and this requires surgery and healing time. Once the mold or impression is made of your bite, the affected teeth are removed and posts are implanted; the healing process can range six to 12 weeks.

How Do Lasers Help?

By using laser dentistry, Dr. Bolamperti can often accelerate the healing process with the ability to treat inflamed gums and hasten new bone growth. Using lasers also create a more comfortable experience for you and can even eliminate the need for anesthetic.

Our Other Services

Exams and Cleanings

In addition to adopting habits like eating right, brushing and flossing, scheduling dental exams and cleanings with Omaha Laser Dentistry are the most important ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong.

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Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontitis or Gum disease can lead to bad breath and receding gums, painful chewing and sensitivity, or worse yet, tooth loss or the need for surgery. It’s one of the common conditions we see at Omaha Laser Dentistry, and one we’re experts in treating.

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Smile Design

A person’s smile is one of the first things people notice. With smile design from Omaha Laser Dentistry, you’re able to have the smile you want to feel more healthy and confident.

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Restorations – Fillings, Crowns and Bridges

Fllings, crowns and other tooth restorations have come a long way in the repair of teeth from wear, decay, infection, injury or other damage.

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Root Canal Therapy

Say the words, “root canal,” and there’s a perception of pain. So, it may surprise you to learn that our patients at Omaha Laser Dentistry often tell us they don’t know what they were worried about. And for good reason.

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Oral Surgery

Dr. Tony Bolamperti has extensive experience and specialized board certifications to perform most oral surgeries in office. The use of both traditional and laser techniques often helps reduce healing times while eliminating the need for anesthesia.

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Solea Sleep for Snoring

Dr. Tony Bolamperti has been very successful in the use of the NightLase® laser to do what CPAP and other sleep appliances have not been able to do for patients.

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If you’ve been told your child needs a frenectomy, Dr. Bolamperti has the expertise to perform this procedure using the Solea laser and a topical anesthetic (or just a little local anesthetic) – rather than a scalpel or scissors.

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