You’ll Love How the Laser Changes Your Trip to the Dentist.

From the very start, we knew that lasers would do wonders for the patient experience. That’s why Omaha Laser Dentistry was one of the first in the area to use them – beginning more than 10 years ago. Since then, we’ve continued to adopt the latest laser technology, like the Solea® and LightWalker® lasers. It makes our patients’ trips to the dentist more comfortable and even complicated procedures more efficient. Our patients, especially children, love the fact that so many procedures can be done without needles and drills.

Here’s How Lasers Work

Like other laser technology, the wavelength of the dental laser determines the intensity of the beam and how it’s used. Dr. Bolamperti has several lasers he uses, depending on the patient and the procedure. From the simple to the complex, there are many uses for lasers:

  • Cutting soft and hard tissue more efficiently
  • Treating gum disease and inflammation
  • Treating snoring and sleep apnea
  • Detecting cavities
  • Preparing teeth for fillings, crowns and onlays
  • Teeth whitening
  • Relieving tooth sensitivity

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

There are many reasons Dr. Bolamperti chooses lasers over traditional dental techniques. For example, in a surgical procedure, lasers cut tooth, tissue or bone more efficiently, and their beams also lessen bleeding and often eliminate the need for sutures. In fact, there are many benefits to laser dentistry including:

  • Shorter treatment times and fewer visits
  • Shorter recovery and faster healing
  • Less pain and virtually no need for anesthesia
  • Safe for patients of all ages – even children

Omaha’s Most Experienced Laser Dentist

There’s a lot to be said for being first. Omaha Laser Dentistry continues to lead the way in the adoption and use of lasers to create a better patient experience. As dental experts, we’re asked to help other dentists understand the benefits of laser dentistry as they begin to explore the advantages of this technique in their own practices. In addition, Dr. Bolamperti is often selected to take part in professional conferences and meetings to share his insights and expertise in laser dentistry.

What is the Solea® laser?

The Solea® laser is the latest addition to Omaha Laser Dentistry. It’s an isotopic CO2 laser that operates at a unique wavelength (9.3 microns), producing a very narrow, intense beam of light energy. It’s the first laser approved by the FDA for both hard and soft tissue. This means it can be used on teeth and gums, like you’d expect, as well as bone for more serious procedures.

About the Solea® Laser

Carlee’s experience with the Solea® Laser

Sophie on the Solea® Laser

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